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The mathematics minor at CU is available to undergraduate students majoring in any discipline at CU who are interested in studying mathematics. Mathematical methods are used today in numerous career fields including medicine, law, design, engineering, finance, accounting, economics, architecture, and computer programming. The math minor is designed to provide students with an opportunity to study a broad range of mathematical topics. The requirements of the math minor allow students a great deal of flexibility in choosing courses to fit their interests.

Students who are minoring in Mathematics take foundational coursework in calculus and linear algebra. The rest of the math minor requirements can be completed by each student to complement any major field of study.  Students do not have to complete courses in any specific order but must abide by course prerequisites. Students who are planning a minor in Mathematics may seek advice from Dr. Nalin Fonseka on course selection and which semester courses are offered.

Students must achieve at least a C- in each minor course and an overall minor GPA of 2.0.

Available Residentially
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  • To provide students with an opportunity to study calculus and linear algebra, and learn how they are applied in various fields.
  • To develop problem-solving and critical thinking abilities and effective communication skills.
  • To provide students with an opportunity to enhance their mathematical skills and prepare them for further studies in Mathematics.
  • To demonstrate necessary math content for students who are seeking their career as future math teachers and in various other fields that require Mathematical skills.